Item:1923 Champion Dubuque Climbers | Joe McGinnity
LJTP No.:100.089
Creator:The Sporting News
Place:Dubuque, Iowa
Period:20th Century; Part 2 1951 – 1999
Keywords:Spalding’s Official Baseball Guide, Dubuque Climbers, Mississippi Valley League, Joe McGinnity, Chief Meyer, Wendt, Delaney, Hyde, Lindner, Spensley, Moore, Woodward, Mann, Jackson, Armstrong, Young, Oster
Citation:Image.  1923 Champion Dubuque Climbers | Joe McGinnity.  1923.  Library of John T. Pregler, Dubuque. (Source: Library of John T. Pregler)
Remarks:The 1923 Mississippi Valley League champions were led by former MLB pitcher and Hall of Famer Joe McGinnity.  McGinnity continued to play professional baseball long after he retired from the Major Leagues in 1908. At the age of 52, McGinnity became part owner of the Dubuque team and was player-manager.  He brought with him to the Climbers his old New York Giants catcher John “Chief” Meyer.  McGinnity finished his long and storied baseball career in Dubuque after the 1925 season.
LJTP 100.089 – 1923 Dubuque Climbers – 1924