Item: U.S. Rep. W.B. Allison to Adj. Gen. N.B. Baker – Iowa
L.J.T.P.  Number: 200.003 and 200.003.01
Medium: Letter
Creator: William Boyd Allison
Date: March 9, 1864
Place: Washington, D.C.
Period: American Civil War 1861-1865
Keywords: Allison, Baker, Dubuque County, Civil War, VanCurt, Lyon, Calbatson, Epworth
Citation: Allison, William Boyd. U.S. Rep. W.B. Allison to Adj. Gen. N.B. Baker – Iowa. 1864. Washington, D.C.  Library of John T. Pregler, Dubuque.

(Source: Library of John T. Pregler)



Text of Letter [sic]

Washington City

March 9th, 1864

Dear Sir,

I enclose you herewith a letter from a cmr of respectable gentleman of Epworth Dubuque Co., a most loyal spot in a disloyal Co. asking that justices be done them in apportioning the proper quotas for the draft.  I called on Major VanCurt in charge of that dept. &he informs me that he will make the credits as may be agreed upon by you &Col Lyon. I think you can easily from the data you have in your office do them justice.  I earnestly request that you will do it that Cops. may have their fair chance in the draft.

Very Respectfully Yours,

Wm. B. Allison

N.B. Baker

Adj Genl of Iowa

Reverse Side

Washington City

March 8th 1864

Allison, Wm. B

About Credits of Epworth, Dubuque Co.

Reference to Col. Calbatson for “arrangement”




Ansd March 18” 1864