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The men who have become America's Presidents have always had a knowledge of or relationship with the Upper Mississippi Mineral District and the Tri-State area. Dubuque and Iowa have garnered special presidential attention since Jimmy Carter first won the Iowa Caucus  in 1976.

With the presidency of Joe Biden, there have been 46 presidential administrations and 45 men in 232-plus years of our current form of Constitutional government. There have been 11 U.S. Presidents in the lifetime of historian John T. Pregler (b. 1968.) Because Pregler lives in Iowa and due to the Iowa Caucuses going back to 1976, John has personally seen six of the eleven men right before, during, or immediately after their presidency. Presidents Carter, G.W. Bush, and Obama while still in office; Clinton after office; G.W. Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden before office. Pregler has also seen sitting Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, introducing Biden to a Dubuque crowd on June 27, 2012.

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LJTP 100.110 - President Garfield & President Lincoln - circa 1882

LJTP 100.351 - Abraham Lincoln CDV by Brady - FW Ingire - Springfield IL - 1865

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