Herron, Francis Jay

Major General Francis Jay Herron was the first person In the United States to volunteer for the Civil War as Captain of the Governor’s Greys of Dubuque, Iowa.  Captain Herron of the 1st Iowa Volunteer Infantry was promoted to Lt. Colonel of the 9th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. For acts while Lt. Colonel of the 9th Iowa Infantry during the Battle of Pea Ridge, Herron was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  At the end of the war, Major General Herron received the sword of the last surrendering Confederate army to end the Civil War.

Photographs & Images

LJTP 100.006 – Major General Francis J. Herron

LJTP 100.065 – Francis Jay Herron by S. Root – c.1862

LJTP 100.096 – General Francis J. Herron – circa 1862

LJTP 100.098 – General Francis J. Herron wood carving circa 1861

LJTP 100.331 – Maj Gen Francis J Herron – 1865

LJTP 100.345 – General Francis J. Herron – Frank Leslie – 1884


LJTP 700.081 – Calling Card – Gen Herron_Wm Hyde Clark_Shiras – Jan 1 1863