Dubuque Minor Leagues

Year(s)LeagueTeam Name(s)
1879Northwestern LeagueRed Stockings / Reds / Rabbits
1888Central Inter-State LeagueDubuques
1890Illinois-Indiana LeagueGiants
1895Eastern Iowa LeagueColts
1895-1899Western AssociationDubs
1903-1915Three-I LeagueShamrocks / Dubs/ Hustlers
1917Central AssociationDubs
1922-1932Mississippi Valley LeagueClimbers/Dubs/Ironmen/Speasmen/Tigers
1954-1955Mississippi-Ohio Valley LeaguePackers
1956-1968Midwest LeaguePackers / Midwest Dodgers (2nd team in 1962)
1974-1976Midwest LeaguePackers

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