Jones, George Wallace

George Wallace Jones was son of John Rice Jones and the father of the States of Iowa and Wisconsin.  Geo. W. Jones was during his life and times a drummer boy in the War of 1812 (in 1814); college roommate of Jefferson Davis while ward of Henry Clay in Lexington, Kentucky; Clerk of the U.S. District Court in Missouri; Aide de Camp to General Henry Dodge during Black Hawk War; Judge in Michigan Territory at Mineral Point;   General of the Michigan Territory Militia; U.S. Postmaster-Wisconsin Territory; Delegate to the U.S. Congress from Michigan Territory; Delegate from Wisconsin and Iowa Territories after getting each established; U.S. Surveyor General of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota; U.S. Pensions Agent; two-term U.S. Senator from Iowa; and U.S. Minister to Bogota, Colombia.

Jones was also a lead miner, smelter, farmer, trading-post proprietor, Indian trader, slave owner (freeing his slaves he received as a wedding gift in 1842), Indian fighter, ferry-boat owner, land speculator, railroad chairman, duelist, and friend and acquaintance with some of the most influential Americans of the early and mid-nineteenth century.

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Images & Photographs

LJTP 100.063 - U.S. Senator George Wallace Jones - 1858
LJTP 100.065 - George Wallace Jones - c.1890

LJTP 100.104 - George Wallace Jones

Letters & Documents

LJTP 200.004 - Geo W Jones Iowa Statehood
LJTP 200.019 - George W. Jones to J.R. Gilmore - Feb 1895
LJTP 200.020 - George W. Jones to Mrs. Linn Boyd - Sept 1884
LJTP 200.021 - George W. Jones life biography letter to W.C. Stevenson - 1895

Autographs & Signatures

LJTP 800.001 - Henry Dodge and Geo W Jones
LJTP 800.003 - George W Jones
LJTP 800.004 - George W Jones to Henry Wise
LJTP 800.013 - Geo. W. Jones - Signature – 1895
LJTP 800.014.01 - George W. Jones with Bio - c.1890

Misc. Artifacts


LJTP 700.018 - George Wallace Jones 90th Birthday Silk Honor Ribbon - 1894
LJTP 700.019 - George Wallace Jones Funeral Card - 1896
LJTP 600.002 - Family owned biography of George Wallace Jones - 1912