The Jones: John Rice & George Wallace

John Rice Jones the older was an English immigrant who fought with George Rogers Clark.  Jones, an early American pioneer was actively engaged in establishing the Territories and States of Indiana, Illinois and Missouri.  Jones was father of George Wallace Jones, who was actively engaged in establishing the Territories of Wisconsin and Iowa and the States of Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska.

George Wallace Jones was a son of John Rice Jones and the father of the States of Iowa and Wisconsin.  Geo. W. Jones was during his life and times a drummer boy in the War of 1812 (in 1814); college roommate of Jefferson Davis while ward of Henry Clay in Lexington, Kentucky; Clerk of the U.S. District Court in Missouri; Aide de Camp to General Henry Dodge during Black Hawk War; Judge in Michigan Territory at Mineral Point;   General of the Michigan Territory Militia; U.S. Postmaster-Wisconsin Territory; Delegate to the U.S. Congress from Michigan Territory; Delegate from Wisconsin and Iowa Territories after getting each established; U.S. Surveyor General of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota; U.S. Pensions Agent; two-term U.S. Senator from Iowa; and U.S. Minister to Bogota, Colombia.

George W. Jones was also a lead miner, smelter, farmer, trading-post proprietor, Indian trader, slave owner (freeing his slaves he received as a wedding gift in 1842), Indian fighter, ferry-boat owner, land speculator, railroad chairman, duelist, and friend and acquaintance with some of the most influential Americans of the early and mid-nineteenth century.

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Images & Photographs

LJTP 100.063 - U.S. Senator George Wallace Jones - 1858
LJTP 100.065 - George Wallace Jones - c.1890

LJTP 100.104 - George Wallace Jones

LJTP 100.375 - Famous Iowa Citizens - Andreas Atlas Co - c1875

Letters & Documents

LJTP 200.004 - Geo W Jones Iowa Statehood
LJTP 200.019 - George W. Jones to J.R. Gilmore - Feb 1895
LJTP 200.020 - George W. Jones to Mrs. Linn Boyd - Sept 1884
LJTP 200.021 - George W. Jones life biography letter to W.C. Stevenson - 1895

LJTP 200.061 - Geo Jones Letter w/Envelope to Ms. Jessie McMillan - May 21 1894

LJTP 200.005 - John Rice Jones to Moses Austin - 1813

Autographs & Signatures

LJTP 800.001 - Henry Dodge and Geo W Jones
LJTP 800.003 - George W Jones
LJTP 800.004 - George W Jones to Henry Wise
LJTP 800.013 - Geo. W. Jones - Signature – 1895
LJTP 800.014.01 - George W. Jones with Bio - c.1890

LJTP 200.061.002 - Geo Jones Letter w/Envelope to Ms. Jessie McMillan - May 21 1894

Books & Misc. Artifacts

LJTP 700.018 - George Wallace Jones 90th Birthday Silk Honor Ribbon - 1894
LJTP 700.019 - George Wallace Jones Funeral Card - 1896
LJTP 600.002 - Family owned biography of George Wallace Jones - 1912

LJTP 300.003 - John Rice Jones Land Claims

LJTP 300.009 - Congressional Record - John Rice Jones Land Claim - 1855