Item: William Boyd Allison Personal Library Collection 
LJTP No.: 600.007
Medium: Book
Author: Variety
Publisher: Variety
Date: 1800-1908
Place: Variety
Period: Pioneering America 1800 – 1860 Civil War America 1861 – 1865 Post-Civil War America   1866 – 1900 20th Century; Part 1 1901 – 1950
Keywords: William Boyd Allison
Citation: Book.  William Boyd Allison Personal Library Collection. Library of John T. Pregler, Dubuque. (Source: Library of John T. Pregler)
Remarks: The personal library of U.S. Senator William Boyd Allison (R-IA) was donated to the City of Dubuque's Carnegie-Stout Public Library by Allison's personal secretary Mrs. Jennie A. Brayton (1853-1925) as part of CSPL's Allison Memorial Collection. Mrs. Brayton was the personal friend of Senator Allison and presided over his Dubuque, Iowa and Washington, D.C. households. Upon her death in 1925, Mrs. Brayton left Allison's personal collection of approximately 1,500 books to Carnegie-Stout Public Library.

List of Books from the Allison Collection:

Adams, Henry Historical Essays Scribners 1891
Adams, Henry History of the United States Scribners 1887-91 9 vol. set
Andrews, C.C. Brazil It’s Condition and Prospects Appleton Co. 1887
Andrews, I.W. Manual of the Constitution of the United States VanAntwerp, Bragg and Co. 1887
Bancroft, G. History of the U.S. From the Discovery of the Continent Little Brown and Co. 1862-1874 10 Vol. plus extra Vols. 4 & 8
Bartlett, John Familiar Quotations Little Brown 1881
Bates, W.W. American Navigation Houghton, Mifflin 1902
Bayle St. John The Memoirs of the Duke of Saint Simon Dickers and Son 3 vol. set
Blackburn, H. The Pyrenees Sampson, Low and Co. 1879
Bryant, W.C. Library of Poetry and Song Ford Co. 1879
Cogswell, E.C. History of Nottingham Deerfield and Northwood 1878
Cummings, R.G. Five Years of a Hunter’s Life in the Far Interior of South Africa Harper and Bros. 1850 Vol. II
Curtis, W.F. The Capitals of Spanish America Harper 1888
Dabney, W.D. The Public Regulation of Railways Putnam’s and Sons 1889
Demolins, E. Anglo-Saxon Superiority: To What It Is Due Scribner’s and Sons 1st English edition
Digby, W. Prosperous British India T. Fisher Unwin 1901
Eastlake, C.L. Hints on Household Taste Osgood and Co. 1877
Elmes, Webster A Treatese on the Law of the Customs Little Brown and Co. 1887
Follett, M.P. The Speaker of the House of Representatives Longmans, Green 1902
Haines, H.S. Restrictive Railway Legislation Macmillan Co. 1905
Hallam, H. Hallam’s Works Little Brown 1854 9 vol. set
Harvey, P. Reminiscences and Anecdotes of Daniel Webster Little Brown 1887
Haupt, L.M. A Move for Better Roads H.C. Baird and Co. 1891
Helper, H.R. The Three Americas Railway W.S. Bryan 1881
Hickey, Wm. Hickey’s constitution of the United States Murphy and Co. 1879
Higgonson, T.W. Old Cambridge Macmillan Co. 1899
Hilton, G.S. The Funny Side of Politics Dillingham and Co. 1899
Hole, James National Railways Cassell and Co. 1893
Home, D. The History of England Little Brown and Co. 1854 6 vol. set
Hudson, J.F. The Railways and the Republic Harper & Bros. 1886
Kellogg, R.U. Life and Death in Rebel Prisons Stebbins 1865
King Lake, A. The Invasion of the Crimea Harper and Bros. 1864 3 vol. set
Kirke, E. The Rear-Guard of the Revolution Appleton and Co. 1886
Lodge, H.C. The Story of the Revolution Scribner 1898 2 vol. set
Longfellow, H.W. In the Harbor Houghton, Mifflin 1882
Madison, James Letters and other Writings Lippincott 1865 4 vol. set
Mansfield, E.O. The Life of General Winfield Scott Barnes and Co. 1846
McNeill, G.E. The Labor Movement: The Problem of Today A.M. Bridgman 1887
Meyer, H. Government Regulation of Railway Rates Macmillan Co. 1905
Michels, Ivan C. The Current Gold and Silver Coins of All Nations R.S. Menamin 1880
Morse, John T. Abraham Lincoln Houghton Mifflin 1893 2 vol. set
Motley, J.L. History of the United Netherlands Harper & Bros.
Newcomb, H.T. Railway Economics, Railway World Railway World Publishing Co. 1898
Owen, R.D. The Debatable Land Between this World and the Next G.W. Carleton and Co. 1872
Paine, Halbert E. A Treatise on the Law of the Elections to Public Offices Wm. H. Morrison Publising 1888
Parsons, F. The Heart of the Railroad Problem Little Brown 1906
Patton, Jacob H. Natural Resources of the United States D. Appleton Co. 1888
Prescott, W.H. Biographical and Critical Miscellanies Lippincott 1864-1868
Prescott, W.H. Charles the Fifth Lippincott 1864-1868 3 vol. set
Prescott, W.H. Conquest of Mexico Lippincott 1864-1868 3 vol. set
Prescott, W.H. Conquest of Peru Lippincott 1864-1868 3 vol. set
Prescott, W.H. Ferdinand and Isabella Lippincott 1864-1868 3 vol. set
Prescott, W.H. Phillip the Second Lippincott 1864-1868 3 vol. set
Ranke, L. The History of Popes Bell and Daldy 1873 3 vol. set
Rea, G.B. Facts and Fakes about Cuba Munro’s Sons 1897
Salt, H. Animals’ Rights Macmillan 1894
Schulz, Carl Life of Henry Clay Houghton Mifflin 1887 2 vol. set
Seward, F.W. Seward at Washington Derby and Miller 1891 2 vol. of 3 vol. set
Stealey, O.O. Twenty Years in the Press Gallery Prorting Co. 1906
Stickney, A.B. The Railway Problem Merrill Co. 1891
Timbs, J.R. Anecdote Lives of Wits and Humorists Bentley and Sons 1852 2 vol. set
Triggs, Oscar Chapters in the History of the Arts and Crafts Movement Bohemia Guild, Chicago 1902
Tunell, G.G. Railway Mail Service Lakeside Press 1901
Wagner, C. The Simple Life Maclure, Phillips and Co. 1903
Walker, H. Intermarriage Lindsay and Blakiston 1872
Walton, Clifford S The Civil Law in Spain and Spanish America Lowdermilk and Co. 1900
Warner, C.D. My Summer in a Garden Houghton, Mifflin 1892
Watson, T.E. The Story of France Macmillan Co. 1879 2 vol. set
Whittier, J. G. The Poetical Works Hougton, Mifflin 1886
Winthrop, R.C. Winthrop’s Addresses and Speeches Little Brown 1852
Wyckoff, WMC The Silk Goods of America Van Nostrand 1879
John Paul Jones, Commemoration at Annapolis, April 24, 1906 Government Printing Office 1907
The Congo G.P. Putnam’s Sons 1906