Personal Sketches of Dubuque and the Civil War

Presented by John T. Pregler at Dubuque’s Carnegie-Stout Public Library on June 13, 2012.  To view the video please click here.

Corrections:  There are three misstatements in this lecture.  [1] The Battle of Wilson’s Creek was not considered a Union victory even though casualties were about the same on both sides.  Confederates won the battle field, but the Union army was able to keep Missouri in the Union for the remainder of the war, which was a bigger win than winning the battle.  [2] David Henderson attended Upper Iowa University, not Northern Iowa University.  [3] James Grimes was the 3rd, not 2nd governor of the State of Iowa.  The second governor of Iowa was Stephen Hempstead of Dubuque, Iowa.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

NOTE: The Personal Sketches of Dubuque in the Civil War video is provided by an embedded link from the City of Dubuque Cable TV Division – Cable Channel Dubuque video archives.  

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