Item: Sidney Hall – United States – 1828
L.J.T.P. Number: 500.006
Medium: Paper – 23 in. X 19 in.
Creator: Sidney Hall
Publisher Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown & Green – Paternoster Row, London
Date: 1830
Period: Pioneering America 1801 – 1860
Keywords: Michigan Territory, North West Territory, Map, Dubuque’s Tomb,  Sidney Hall
Citation: Sidney Hall – United States – 1828. 1830. Library of John T. Pregler, Dubuque.

(Source: Library of John T. Pregler)

Remarks: Map marks “Dubuques Tomb” and shows the locations of Native American villages around eastern Iowa, northern Illinois and Wisconsin.  Map also marks Ft. Crawford at the confluence of the Mississippi River and the Wisconsin River.  Shows North West Territory (present day Wisconsin) and Missouri Territory (present day Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas).
LJTP 500.006 – Sidney Hall – United States – 1828                                                                      
LJTP 500.006.01 – Sidney Hall – United States – 1828