Red Faber – Fox Movietone News

This is a video clip of baseball Hall of Famer Urban “Red” Faber who was born in Cascade, Iowa, and lived in Dubuque for about a decade, where he played high school, college, and semi-pro ball and started his professional baseball career. This video is a Fox Movietone News clip from the 1930 Chicago White Sox spring training in San Antonio, Texas. Faber is the first pitcher and runs from 00:00 to 01:47 min. in the clip. Buck Crouse is catching and the one speaking. He calls Faber “Urb,” though he was widely known as Red. Crouse asks Faber to throw his famous spit ball.

Crouse also catches Ed Walsh, Tommy Thomas, and Ted Lyons. 1930 was towards the end of Faber’s career which ran from 1914 to 1933. He entered the Hall of Fame in 1964. Notice the sidearm release. MLB was still transitioning from underhand, to sidearm, to overhead pitching in 1930.

Video clip courtesy of Dubuque author/historian Brian Cooper, official biographer of Red Faber. The video archive is provided by the University of South Carolina.